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Sometimes I lie awake at night, my alertness spurred by a dream: A distant memory from long ago. I can't bear the thought of sleep but after a long while I can't stand to stare at the white ceiling. Before I can protest my own actions, I drift off to another place, a place far from here….
"Prussia?" I say quietly.
I lay sprawled on the soft grass, only wet from the day's earlier rain.  From where I am lying, I can stare at the stars. As always I am amazed by how such beautiful things can exist in a world as cruel as this.
"Prussia?" I asked again.
A soft rustling in the grass next to me tells me he is listening. I turn my head away from the stars; my soft emerald eyes meet his deep crimson eyes.  He notices me looking at him and smiles.
"I have a dream Hungary." He says, is voice no louder than a whisper.
"You have a dream." I repeat laughing.
Smirking, Prussia points towards the sky.
"Look at them, look at those stars." He orders his hand moving as if to capture the glistening objects.
I continue to stare at him, baffled by what he was attempting to say. After a long moment, he brings his arm down to his side. Shaking his head he turns away from me.
"Prussia?" I ask sitting up.
Looking down at him, I find myself captivated by the stars reflecting in his eyes. His eyes so full of passion and life. A smile crosses his face, as a shooting star passes over head.
"I am going to rule them all. All those stars won't see the awesome me coming." Prussia said reaching for the glowing dots once again.
I fall back into the grass, laughing. I look to the sky, trying to envision this dream of his.
"Rule them?" I ask.
His laugh fills the air like a pleasant melody.
"Ja, I am going to rule them all, so one day they won't look down on me, I'll be looking down on them." His face was alight with ambition, the look enough to take my breath away. "I'll be looking down on everyone; I, Prussia, will stand above everyone and look down on them. I want them to gaze up at me and think how awesome that star looks." Prussia said smiling proudly.
I smile softly at this.
"Or how beautiful you look." I think.
I look at him but my gaze is once again drawn to the sky.
"What a dream." I say smiling. After a moment, Prussia sighs.
"Hungary?" he sighs, his voice breathy and distant.
I hear him, but he seems so far away. I feel weightlessness; the stars are moving closer as each gust of air brushes across my skin.
"What is Prussia?" I say dreamily
"What about you?" Prussia asks his voice hesitant.
I am pulled back to earth. I roll over to face Prussia who is staring back at me.
"Me?" I ask confused. He just laughs.
"What is your dream Hungary?" He demands. "I know it's probably not as awesome as mine, but you have to have a dream."
I think about a bit but I really can't find an answer. So far I have only been living day to day, not worrying about what was to come. Did I even have a dream? I continue to gaze into his eyes and the answer came to me.
"I want to be able to lay here next to you, looking at the stars. To be here after each day ends; to just relax and let the day's troubles melt away into the darkness." I say. "Because I am perfectly happy just laying here with you looking up at the stars."
I reach out, like Prussia, trying to grasp the stars. I could hear Prussia mumbled something, he laughs. I roll over, confused.
"What is so funny?" I ask angrily.
He chuckles softly, his hands over his eyes.
"What a dream." He whispers.
I shake my head. Quite surrounds us for a hesitant moment. Suddenly a warm hands slips into mine; I don't pull back. It feels nice, so warm, so safe. I move closer to him until I am only inches from his face. The wind catches his silver hair, dusting it across his face. His eyes are glowing just like the bright stars above us.
"A simple dream, just to be here with him."
Prussia smiles slightly and squeezes my hand.
"What a dream. What a beautiful dream. Beautiful and wonderful just like you Hungary." Prussia says softly.
I haven't seen the stars for a while now. They've been stuck behind roofs and rain clouds. Yet they're something I can't forget, something that has lodged deep in my heart.
Prussia is gone now, torn away from me after so many wars.
Standing at his final resting place I can't help but to remember those memories. I visit this place often. Sometimes, even Austria accompanies me despite the enmity the two of them shared.
It's just the three of us, just like old times, like the good times. However, the familiar laugh that used to fill the space is long gone, just a distant memory.
Most days I visit, it is raining.
Austria takes my hand, but it doesn't hold the same warmth that Prussia's had.
Prussia's hand was rough from fighting; Austria's is smooth from his music. It's amazing how hands can decipher a difference between the two different worlds that I have experienced in my lifetime. Despite the effort Austria made, Prussia's warmth glowed brighter and hotter, full of life. He had such high expectations for such a small country and he burned so bright.
I cry a lot these days. I miss him and the feeling of being close to him. I can't feel him at all anymore; instead I feel a cold just like the gray stone under which lays the person who had given off such warmth. His body is here, but I feel his soul is somewhere else.
As I stand by the grave it grows continually late and once again the memories play over and over again. I ask myself Why? Why is this happening?
I find myself back in my bed. Staring up at the ceiling once again I feel compelled to leave my bed. Stepping free from the sheets I feel that I am being guided. I leave my home; the grass cold under my feet.
I lay on the soft grass, just a bit wet from the passing rain. I stretched my arms out opening them up to the sky, reaching for the stars peeking through the dispersing clouds.
The wind picks up a little; I smile because I know he is here. I lay my arms down, I stretch one out and immediately I feel the warmth. I turn my head slowly and there he is…his red eyes gazing into mine.
"Prussia?" I say hesitantly.
He smiles.
"Hey Hungary." He whispers. "Long time no see. I thought I would never see you face again, it looks clueless like always."
I shake my head. Turning my gaze to the stars I realize something that makes me smile.
"I missed you to." I murmur. "Guess what?"
I can feel his gaze on me, silent and questioning. Chuckling I feel tears stream down my cheeks as I beam.
"You did it Prussia." I announce. "You're looking down on us now. Everyone is looking up at you now."
He laughs his voice distant as if carried on the wind. For a moment, there is warmth on my cheek, like a pair of lips dusting against my skin, but it disappears almost as quickly as it appears.
He is gone, gone back to the stars.
I sit up, putting my hand on my cheek.  Wiping my tear streaked face; I look up into the sky.
What a dream… if it was only a dream…That I could hold you once more underneath this starry sky.
This is a story, a dream more like it. I woke up at 4 in the morning and wrote this. I had a the greatest editor in the world go over it. Its a PruHun and its really sad, makes me want to cry. I hope you to will like this story as well.

Author: Me

Editor: Kayle, a most awesome Prussia. Thank you for your help.

Picture: Taken by America, its me as Hungary and Kayle as Prussia.
inkstaineddove Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This was awesome. There were a few spelling mistakes, but not enough to destroy the pieces. I've got tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this.
SeraphimAlexandria Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Thank you, I am glad you liked it. And the critque will help greatly! :)
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